In 1994, Jeffrey Bezos founded the e-commerce company named Amazon. The company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, where it has been since its onset. The following year, the website was launched in the United States.

The site’s British launch happened a few years later, but it wasn’t until 1998 that the site gained popularity across the pond. At that time, Amazon had acquired Bookpages, a UK based online bookseller. Bezos hoped this would, “become a fundamental component of Amazon’s expansion into the United Kingdom and European markets,” as he stated in thePR Newswire.

Today, Amazon is a household name worldwide in countries like China, Japan, France, and Germany. The company is praised not just for the wide variety of objects in sells, but the newer services they also offer.Amazon Music is the company’s foray into a music streaming service. Prime members can use the service for free and the songs are also available for purchase as MP3 tracks.

Amazon Marketplace is another of such services. It allows individuals and companies to become Amazon vendors and sell their products through the Amazon website. By selling either handmade products or secondhand ones, vendors make money through the Amazon brand.

The otherĀ Amazon service is called Amazon Warehouse Deals, offering open-box, customer returned and warehouse damaged merchandise, at greatly discounted prices.

The Kindle is perhaps one of Amazon’s most successful ventures. Readers can bring their entire libraries with them anywhere they go in a convenient and lightweight package. Thousands of books are available as digital downloads that can be read from any Kindle or device with the Kindle app. The latest edition of the Kindle device is a tablet that allows users to read whenever and wherever, stream video, play games, and access hundreds of other apps.

Nowadays, Amazon is the go-to retailer for anything you may need. With its speedy delivery (within an hour in some locations) and cheap prices, Amazon in conquering the internet and the world, and we couldn’t be happier.